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Admission for foreign students
Update time: 2009-10-22
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  Kinds of scholarship

  Scholarship offered by Chinese government (for academicians)

  Scholarship offered by foreign government

  Scholarship offered by GUCAS

  1 GUCAS offers scholarship to foreign students with outstanding academic achievements. Both full scholarship and partial scholarship may be requested. Full scholarship includes tuition, housing and a moderate living pension. Partial scholarship may consist of one or several items of the full scholarship.

  The fee for the students who are free of tuition will be paid by the institutes or the instructors’ departments.

  Master program  RMB 1000/month

  PHD program   RMB 1200/month

  2 Application procedures for GUCAS scholarship

   1 Applicants may request an application form for CUCAS scholarship from the International Student Office or the institute of the Chinese Academic of Science in which they want to study or download the application form directly from GUCAS website.

   2 Degree certification of the highest education level authorized photocopy.

   3 School report card and the abstract of the published paper (the original or the copies)

   4 The studying plan (it should not be less than 500 and 1000 words respectively for Masters and PHD students)

   5 two letters of recommendation (the original one)

  3 Annual review procedures for GUCAS scholarship status

  Existing scholarship students must go through the GUCAS scholarship annual review by submitting an annual review form to their respective CAS institute in order to maintain their scholarship status in the following academic year. The form for annual review of GUCAS scholarship status may be requested from the International Student Office or the respective CAS institute or be downloaded from GUCAS website.

  The scholarship status will be canceled for the students who did not take part in the annual review.

  Time arrangement

  Scholarship application and review in April-May each year

  The winners will receive the admission letter and the JW202 form in July each year

  Registration to the institutes on September 1st- 9th each year

  Chinese study in the fall term

  4 Visa and residence permit

  International students who plan to study at GUCAS need an “X” visa before coming to China. In order to get the visa, you have to submit the JW202 form.

  The admission units need to register in the local education department to get the JW202 form.

  The JW202 form also can be subscribed by the graduate school of Academic of Science.

  5 application materials

   1 An application form for foreign student studying in China

   2 An application form for CUCAS scholarship

   3 Register fee: RMB 600 for master and PHD students; RMB 450 for visiting students.

   4 Degree certification of the highest education level authorized photocopy (English version)

   5 School report card of undergraduate and/ or graduate studies notarized photocopy/photocopies

   6 Two letters of recommendation from your instructors at least associate professor level or other persons with equivalent academic achievement.

   7 Self resume (includes the studying plan), passport, and abstracts of the published papers

  6 Admission procedures

   1 The foreign students submit the application materials to their respective institutes.

   2 The institutes check the application materials and recommend the instructors to the applicant.

   3 The institutes publish the admission list.

   4 The materials above will send to the International Students Office to complete the acceptance procedure.

  7 Materials for “X” visa application

   The admitted notification

   JW202 form

   Health examination form



  1 two segments

   The first one: studies of two subjects as basic Chinese and basic situation of China in Beijing in the fall term

   The second one: studies in the respective institute

  2 register

  The new students should register before the deadline with the admitted notification, the JW202 form and the valid passport.

  Students unable to register before the deadline should submit the delay application firstly to the institute and then to the International Students office.

  Submit the register letter to GUCAS

  3 educational systems, suspend, resume, and drop from school

  Generally, it takes 3years for the students to complete the Master or PHD program. There can be a moderate delay, during which the students will not get the scholarship.

  The foreign students who can not complete the programs must submit formal applications to the International Students Office.

  The students who want to resume the programs must submit formal applications.

  4 Medicare

  1 The affairs of Medicare are all managed by GUCAS.

  2 Fee: RMB 600 yuan/year; 300 yuan/6 months

  3 The medical fees for the scholarship-students will be deducted from the scholarship. The fees for the commoner are paid by the students themselves and submitted the money to the cooperation department of GUCAS.

  4 Generally, the Medicare only includes the fees for huge diseases and being in hospital.

  5 The fees for commonly ills are paid by the students themselves.

  6 Application materials for Medicare compensations

   Passport photocopy

   Hospital receipts

   Case history and fee list

   Hospital leaving list


   All the materials above should be sent to the cooperation department to get the compensation.

  5 Campus living certificate and residence permit

   1 Since the arrival to China, the foreign students must apply for a temporary living certificate from the local police station in 24 hours, according to the immigration laws of China.

    If the visa is overdue, the penalty will be 500 yuan/day, at the most of 5000 yuan.

    Those with an “X” visa are required to apply for the foreign residence permit within 30 days after the arrival to China.

   2 the material for the living application

     Valid passport

     Health examination certificate

     Visa, application form for residence permit

     Recommendation letters from cooperation departments

      The admitted notification

      JW201 form or JW202 form

      A two-inch photograph

  6 Family members’ visiting to China

   Foreign students can apply for family members’ visiting to China

   The materials needed:

  Application form

  The related documentaries for relation identification: passports, marriage certificate, or parents-kids relation certificate

  Official letter from Chinese embassy in the student’s country

  Materials for delay in China

     Valid passports of the student and his family members

     Visa and application form for residence permit

     Recommendation letters from cooperation departments

      A two-inch photograph

      Register for temporary residence

  7 Register for residence changing

   The foreign students should register a temporary living certificate from the local police station in 24 hours, as the dwelling place changing. Then with the passport and the temporary living certificate, the students should go to the Foreign Students Office to apply for dwelling place changing.


  Graduation and degree granted


  After the students complete all the studies and researches in China, the institute will subscribe the certificate to the cooperation department of GUCAS, while the students' affairs division will give out the diploma.

  Degree granted

  The institutes can apply for degree granted on the website.

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