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    Update time: 2009-10-21
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      Up to late 2008, the fixed assets of equipments in XJIPC are about 40 million Yuan, in which 30 million are for the equipment that costs more than 100 thousand Yuan. There are two supporting branches, Center of Analysis and Measurement, and Center of Radiation Measurement.

      Center of Analysis and Measurement

      FTS165 FT-IR spectrometer (BIO-RAD, America): mainly used to the identification of the organic compound, macromolecule materials and the unknown substance. We have identified the elements of the macromolecule materials, medicinal materials and the petrolic product.

      TU-1901 ultraviolet visible light spectrometer (PUXI, Beijing, China): mainly used to measure the spectrum and luminosity of the corresponding wavelength, measure and calculate the concentration of the samples, and record the changing curves of the absorbency or the permeating rate of the sample as the function of time.

      TURBOMASS-AUTOSYSTEM XL GC MASS SPECTROMETER (PERKIN-ELMER, American): as one of the most effective methods for the admixture anatomy, it is widely used to petroleum purification, petrochemistry, biochemistry, organic composing, medical sanitation, and the examination of the banned drugs.

      MICROMASS ZQ LC MASS SPECTROMETER (WATERS, American): mainly used to the identification and the quantitative analysis of the known organic compound, could make sure whether the poisonous substance in the samples is excessive, identify the main substance in the contamination, and measure the molecular weight of the compounds.

      VISTA-PRO CCD Simultaneous ICP-OES: could be used to qualitative analysis, semi-quantitative analysis and exact quantitative analysis, could do constant analysis, microanalysis, and trace analysis at the same time, could be widely used to the qualitative and quantitative analysis of more than 50 kinds of microelements.

      6980N GC SPECTROMETER: mainly used in the fields of petroleum, chemistry and environment protection and could be used to separate the organic compounds.  

      1100 LC spectrometer: mainly used in the fields of medicine, edible product analysis, contamination analysis and fine chemical engineering analysis.

      D8 X-ray diffraction instrument: could be used to measure the diffraction data of the powder samples and the size of the simple crystal particles, do qualitative analysis of the substance state, mainly used in the fields of metallurgy, geography, chemical engineering and materials.

      2800B scanning electron microscope: is used to observe the surface of the sample and do microanalysis, widely used in the fields of medicine, biology, semiconductor industry, ceramic industry and chemical industry.

      Center of Radiation Measurement

      60Coγradiation source: The radiation source is imported from Canada. It could be used to various researches related to the high-energy radials. It could also be used to radiation antisepsis and sterilization of foodstuff, materia medica, sanitary products, cosmetic, and wrapper.

      2Mev 10 mA electron accelcrator: It is made in the Institute of Physics of Russian Academic of Science, of ELV-8model. The electron energy can be adjusted between 1.0Mev to 2.0Mev. The current of electron beam can be divided into two control scales as 0-0.1mA and 0.1-10 mA. The precision is higher, making it more widely used. The small current can cater to various scientific researches, while he big one can be used in the field of radiation processing, such as producing of radiation cable, radiation sulfuration of caoutchouc , and preparation of nano-materials.

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