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Abstract Submission and Deadline
Abstract Submission and Deadline

The contents of the presentation should be original researches in these fields listed below and have never been published in any scientific journals or reported in any academic meetings. Presentations of the symposium will be plenary lectures, invited lectures and posters, all of which need to submit abstract to the secretariat by Email.

The Presentation and Paper Should be in the Following Fields

 Resources of edible plants: cultivation, processing, application and sustainable development of edible plants in drought and semiarid desert.

Phytochemistry: Extraction, isolation and structure elucidation of the active ingredients and their total synthesis and structural modification. New viewpoints, novel methodology and techniques of phytochemistry. Chemosystematics and chemical ecology.

 Pharmacological action: The mechanism of the disease-prevention actions of ingredients from edible plants.

Format of the Abstract:

 A­4­ (21×29.7cm);

Margins should be: 2.5 cm top and bottom, 3cm left and right;

Line space: Single times;

Title: font size 18, extrabold;

Author and working place: 10 font size, Times New Roman typeface;

Text: 12 font size, Times New Roman typeface;

References: number 12 Times New Roman typeface;

The abstract should be prepared as a Microsoft Word document.

 Deadline of Abstract Submission: June 30th, 2012

Electronic format of the abstract should be submitted to the secretariat of the symposium by email (xjlab@ms.xjb.ac.cn).

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