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Professor Wojtek Hajdas from the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland Visited XTIPC

Editor: | May 30,2023

On May 27th, Professor Wojtek Hajdas from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland visited XTIPC and conducted academic exchanges. Researchers and graduate students from the Laboratory of Solid State Radiation Physics participated in this academic activity.

Professor Wojtek Hajdas gave an academic report titled " Particle exposure facilities for radiation effect studies at PSI ", introducing the proton accelerator facility, cooperation and exchange, and current research status of radiation detectors at PSI. The report was rich in content and the attending teachers and students had a lively discussion. Afterwards, Professor Wojtek Hajdas visited the Laboratory of Solid State Radiation Physics and discussed cooperation areas. XTIPC will collaborate more with PSI in the field of radiation effects on electronic devices.

Professor Wojtek Hajdas is affiliated with the PSI laboratory for Particle Physics being in charge for the particle exposure facilities for components and material tests (PIF-proton irradiation facility and EMON-electron monochromator) at PSI. His main activities are related with particle irradiation facilities for components testing (PIF, EMON), space instrumentation for radiation environment and observations of the Earth – Solar radiation environment (SREM, NGRM, RADEM). Wojtek Hajdas is an author and co-author of about 170 peer reviewed scientific papers and co-author of two books on space and solar astrophysics. His research tasks include numerous seminars and talks, paper and conference reviews as well as being a chairman at RADECS workshops (2008, 2011, 2017) and a conference organizer (ESA-CNES FPD 2009).


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