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  • Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry ,Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Update time: 2009-10-22
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      Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry is a combination of Xinjiang Institute of Physics and Xinjiang Institute of Chemistry The former.Xinjiang Institute of Physics was set up in 1958, the former Xinjiang Institute of Chemistry was set up in 1961.Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry formally came into existence on march 28, 2003, there are 265 employees in our institute, thereinto 204 professional man, thereinto 88 advanced professional man and 78 intermediate professional man.

      In the past forties years, our institute has been becoming an important science and high technology base of the western border area of our country, and has formed several fields such as radiation physics, application technology of computer, biochemistry, physics and chemistry of functional material, sensitive material and element, chemistry of oil field and so on, which are known and characteristic in our country. Our institute has made great contributions to our country and municipality by advantage bringing embranchment along in phase.  

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