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  • Research of the cross-platform Uyghur-Kazakh-Kirgiz language office software won the first award of “2007 XinJiang science and technology advancement”
    Update time: 2008-07-01
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      The program of “research of cross-platform Uyghur-Kazakh-Kirgiz language office software” undertaken by The XinJiang Technical Institute of Physics & Chemistry. CAS and the North Star company (which belongs to the XJIPC) has won the first award of “2007 XinJiang science and technology advancement”.

      In order to satisfy the information processing requirements of XinJiang minorities, the program took “YongZhong office” as the system model to research the core technology of Uyghur-Kazakh-Kirgiz language. And It has made many breakthrough and innovations in the research of Multilingual software. It has proposed a international software framework based on five subsystems such as the “reading and communicating of information”. The multilingual software developed by the project team is compatible, cross-platform, and has its own intellectual property rights. The software is made up of many components such as word processing, spreadsheet, Slideshow, editing and producing of netpage, Multi-media browser and picture browser. It supports the habits and editing rules of Uyghur-Kazakh-Kirgiz language and the Document processing and display of mixed text of many languages. The software has complete functions and the Uyghur interface; it fully meets the data processing needs of XinJiang minorities. 

      At present, “Uyghur-Kazakh-Kirgiz language office software” has been widely used in XinJiang government office work, distance education, elementary education. Tens of thousands of the software has been sold, and it makes the company earn more than 500,0000 yuan., more than 6000 people received training from the project. The project has been widely applauded by the General Office of the Autonomous Regional People's Government, Autonomous Region Office of Education and the users of the software.

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