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    New review in finding the next generation of de... (19-03-11)
    Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics & Chemi... (19-03-01)
    The Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics & C... (19-01-30)
    Progress in Design and Synthesis of Nonlinear O... (19-01-18)
    Researchersdiscoveranew edge-sharing [BO4]5-tet... (19-01-16)
    Wheat Bran: Terminator for oil spills (18-11-06)
    “Coordination Chemistry Reviews” reported our... (18-10-19)
    New progress in prediction and design of nonlin... (18-09-10)
    Researchers Discover Ba3Mg3(BO3)3F3 Polymorphs ... (18-08-09)
    Three Dimensional Polymer Nanocomposites for Fl... (18-07-31)
    Researchers Synthesize Alkali Metal Flourooxobo... (17-11-09)
    Scientists Synthesize Four New Chalcopyrite-lik... (17-10-19)
    Scientists Synthesize Precious Metal-free Catal... (17-09-18)
    Scientists Develop Conducting Basalt Fibre (17-09-13)
    Researchers Propose Computational Methods Predi... (17-08-21)
    Scientists Enhance the Performance of Cathode M... (17-08-09)
    Researchers Discover New Zincoborate Featuring ... (17-08-01)
    Two-dimensional Molecularly Imprinting Purifies... (17-07-27)
    Researchers Develop Mid-IR Nonlinear Optical Cr... (17-07-26)
    Scientists Find the Next Deep-Ultraviolet Nonli... (17-07-25)
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