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    Researchers Design and Synthesize Reusable-magn... (16-10-25)
    Researchers Prepare New High Temperature NTC Th... (16-10-13)
    Can Waste Cotton Linter be Changed into New Car... (16-09-22)
    Researchers Discover Two Multifunctional Infrar... (16-09-19)
    Researchers Develop Z-scheme Heterojunction Pho... (16-09-08)
    Researchers Discover (d-p)π Conjugated Intera... (16-09-05)
    Scientists Uncover Formation Mechanism of Envir... (16-08-30)
    Punicalagin-imprinted Polymers Purify Pomegrana... (16-08-04)
    Scientists Synthesize New Deep-Ultraviolet Tran... (16-08-02)
    Researchers Monitor Structural Damage in Fiber-... (16-06-27)
    Researchers Synthesize New Excellent Infrared N... (16-06-20)
    Scientists Discover Four New Infrared Nonlinear... (16-06-16)
    Sensory Array Discriminatively Detects Improvis... (16-06-07)
    Researchers Reveal New Adsorption Process of Su... (16-06-01)
    Researchers Discover Mechanism of CO2 (16-05-26)
    Researchers Observe Nucleation and Growth Traje... (16-05-18)
    Scientists Synthesize Three New Potential Infra... (16-05-12)
    Researchers Reveal Influence Mechanism of Surfa... (16-03-30)
    Tajik Academy of Sciences Delegation Visits XTIPC (16-03-14)
    Researchers Synthesize Black TiO2 Na... (16-01-07)
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