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  • Doctor MENG Ning Visits XJIPC
    Update time: 2009-10-22
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      Doctor MENG Ning who graduated from Tokyo University visited XJIPC and made a report named as “solar thermal power generation” on September 23rd, 2009. The reporting conference was presided over by CUI Wangcheng, the director assistant of XJIPC. The director of XJIPC Ren Diyuan, the secretary LI Xiao, the vice direcor JIANG Tonghai and more than 20 researchers and graduate students attended the meeting.

      Doctor MENG was born in Xinjiang. He got his doctor degree in Tokyo University in 1997 and now resides in Canada. He is an outstanding expert in the field of reproducible energy source. He is mainly engaged in the innovative application and design of the parabolrinne technology, the development of the solar thermal power generation technology with low temperature and low cost, and the development of the heat collection in solar system with high temperature and low cost.

      CUI Wangcheng warmly welcomed Doctor MENG to visit XJIPC. Considering the demands of the “solar action”, CUI analyzed the significance and necessity of XJIPC to develop the technology of solar thermal power generation.

      MENG’s report introduced the principle, the situation and the developing trend of the solar thermal power generation and analyzed the existent problems in the field. He put forward the idea of solar thermal power generation with low temperature. The report interested the conferees a lot, who asked many questions about the report. MENG answered all of the questions and discussed the problem with the conferees together.

      Representing XJIPC, Director REN expects the cooperation of the solar technology with Doctor MENG. MENG agrees the idea and promises to do his best to help Xinjiang developing the solar technology.

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