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    Update time: 2009-09-07
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      1.   Sagdiev Nail

      Sagdiev Nail was born in May 1956, who majored in High Molecular Compounds and received his Ph.D. degree then obtained a permanent position as a Research Professor in Bioorganic Chemistry Institute, Uzbekistan Academy of Science and now as the Director of Laboratory for High Polymer in Bioorganic Chemistry Institute, Uzbekistan Academy of Science.

      His research interests cover the high molecular compounds of medicinal plants and animals characteristically in centre Asia, especially the extraction, isolation and structure elucidation of anticancer polypeptide.

      Professor Sagdiev Nail has accumulated copious experience in high polymer research and achieved satisfactory results. Until now he has authorized more than 30 scientific publications.

      2.   Isaev Mahamed Isa Ogly

      Isaev Mahamed Isa Ogly was born in January 1952, who majored in both Philosophy and Natural Science (Triterpenoid & Sterid) and received double Ph.D. degrees then obtained a permanent position as a Research Professor in Phytochemistry Institute, Uzbekistan Academy of Science and now as the Director of Laboratory for Triterpenoid & Sterid inPhytochemistry Institute, Uzbekistan Academy of Science.

      He was once in charge of the Soros Fund and carried out the research on triterpenoid of medicinal plant in Uzbekistan. In recent years, he has shifted his interests to terpenoid, flavonoid and lipid applied in the research of biological agent and phylaxiology; the new method for treating hypoglycemia by medicinal plant characteristically in Uzbekistan applied; the effective strategy for anti-convulsion by sterid of local peculiarity plants screened; the study for the structure of microorganism and isoprenoid compounds from local medicinal plant and furtherchemical modification and biological activity research. He has authorized a good deal of scientific publications and produced positive effect in academic circle.

      3.   Usmanove Slukhan Kuchkarovna

      She was born in January 1953, who majored in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and received her Ph.D. degree then obtained a permanent position as a Research Professor in Phytochemistry Institute, Uzbekistan Academy of Science.

      Her research interests cover the research of alkaloid and coumarin for a long time and she has got amount of experience and splendid achievements. She has authorized more than 20 scientific publications and bunches of patents of which, the manufacture by one patent is used for producing the crude drug to resist heart rate inharmony.

      During the working time in XJIPC, Professor Usmanove Slukhan Kuchkarovnahas isolated 12 compounds from aconite and of which 8 compounds were structurally elucidated and nurtured 2 master students. The corresponding results have been published in SCI magazines such as Journal of Separation Science (2008, 31:2161-2166) and Chemistry of natural compounds (2007, 43(3):13-16) etc. and there are 7 articles in all.

      4.   Alimjan D. Matchanov

      He was born in February 1972, who majored in Diterpene and received his Ph.D. degree thenobtained a permanent position as an AssociateProfessor in Bioorganic Chemistry Institute, Uzbekistan Academy of Science.He has authorized 10 scientific publications of which there are 2 cited by SCI as follows:

         Synthesis of certain benzylidenederivatives of Lagochilin: Chemistry of natural compounds,2000,36(3)

         Structure-activity relationship for hemostatic Lagochilin diterpenoids: Chemistry of natural compounds,2002,38(2)

      5.   Doctor Zeper Abliz

      He is a Research Professor and a P.D. tutor in Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciencesalso a famous nationwide mass spectroscopy expert who has been focusing on organics mass spectra for 20 years. He defined the new concept quasi-hydrogen bond for the very first time internationally, what expands the coverage of hydrogen-bond in theory, and for the contribution he has got very high estimate in both domestic and overseas academic circles. Professor Zeper Abliz has undertaken more than 10 scientific research projects including one sub-project of first batch nation-level 973 projects, one special project of “Nine-Five” tackling-key-problem projects, three projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China and so on.

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