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    Update time: 2008-10-23
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      By the end of 2007, we have successively undertaken many of the Hi-Tech Research and Development Program of China (863), the National Basic Research Program of China (973), and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. We have got one item of “first prize for scientific and technology progress in Xinjiang”, three items of “Xinjiang young people's science and technology award”, and four items of appraisal achievements.




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      Important achievement presentation

      Research of enhanced low-dose-rate sensitivity of electronic devices and circuits typically operated in satellites

      The research is one of the national “863” programs. It has solved many problems exist in this area at home and abroad. It theoretically ensures the reliability of spacecraft in low-dose-rate condition. We have obtained massive latest research results national and international, laid foundation for the establishment of evaluation for low-dose-rate sensitivity effect, which is practical to china’s army and is still blank in U.S. military standard. It got “A” in the appraisal of panel of “863” programs. In June 2005, XJIPC was certified as institute that can pass the radiation effect examination of the radiation harden project in the tenth of five-year plan.

      Comprehensive development and utilization of Xinjiang featured resource: elaeagnus angustifolia L. mucus

      In order to substitute elaeagnus angustifolia L. mucus for Arabic gum in the application of food and drug, we established cultivation and harvest base of elaeagnus angustifolia L. By improving the technique introduced from CIAC, we formed our own intellectual property rights in this field. We can provide the technical guarantee for the large-scale production and application of elaeagnus angustifolia L., which is helpful to make resource advantages of Xinjiang become into economic advantages.

      Rapid propagation technique in tissue culture of saussurea in large-scale

      We have obtained a number of independent intellectual property rights about this technique, fill up the blank at home and abroad and lay foundation for artificial cultivation of saussurea in large-scale. We researched the wild saussurea in system for the first time, established the base of saussurea in Tianchi and Qitai , planted about 300,000 saussurea. The effective ingredients in the artificial saussurea can achieve the target of the wild saussurea, which is confirmed by determination. In other words, we opened the way of sustainable utilization of featured resource.

      Research of critical technique in application system of comprehensive resource based on domestic Linux

      Our system has passed the identification of the Autonomous experts and the panel in 863 high-tech program in ministry of science and technology and in Nov. of 2004. The final result was “excellent”. In 2005, we got “the first prize for scientific and technology progress in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region” for the first time in Xinjiang IT industry. We provide talents for Autonomous Region’s e-government, who can play a significant role in the sustainable development of information and promote the level of construction and application of Xinjiang e-government. Using our own intellectual property “Northwest Star Information System”, we successfully developed the “SME Information Network Service Platform” in Xinjiang, which is one of the two platforms of ‘Xinjiang manufacturing information technology demonstration projects”. It provides low-cost platform of web site building for the construction of enterprise information, especially for the information service and publication

      Cicer arietinum products R&D for reducing the blood glucose

      It is one of the major projects in the National scientific and technological program for the development of western region. We have developed a series of nutritional products using Cicer arietinum, which are beneficial to diabetic patients. The cultivation base established is larger than 2000 acres. We transferred the technology free to Mori County of Xinjiang. By the end of 2007, the area of Cicer arietinum cultivation in Mori County has amounted to 100,000 Chinese acres, farmers more than 7600 households, additional income more than 2575 RMB each household. The Cicer arietinum cultivation and intensive processing have already become the pillar industry in Mori County. It makes a substantial contribution to the remote poverty-stricken area.

      make a substantial contribution to poverty The chick-pea planter and the intensive processing already pass through become the pillar industry which Mulei County casts off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity, casts off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity for the outlying poor area makes the substantive contribution.

      Office suite R&D in language of Uigur, kazak and khalkhas

      It is one of the high-tech projects in Xinjiang. We solved a number of key technology problems, developed software products with independent intellectual property rights. The products have been widely applied in government work, distance education and bilingual education in primary and secondary schools. We have sold out about ten thousand suits, which can bring direct economic benefits more than five million RMB.

      Research of enhanced low-dose-rate sensitivity of XX electronic devices and circuits

      The research is one of the National 863 programs. It has passed the experts’ inspection. It firstly put forward the technique that can rapidly detect whether the devices and circuits have lose-dose-rate effect. The radiation assessment laboratory is certified as one of the two designated units for radiation hardened assessment and is declaring for innovation lab.

      Composing of a new type of cellulose carbonate and spinning process

      The technique of filament yarn knitted is our original innovation. It has passed the mid-time test. All of the indicators achieved the requirements of spinning process. The whole process of production is of environmental protection, drug safety, pollution-free and can bring huge social benefits. We have four national patents. It will substitute the existing traditional viscose process. The market prospect is huge. It has been recommended as the national science and technology supported program by the Autonomous region government.

      Research on the Synthesis, Structure and Properties of new inorganic functional materials

      It is a Program of “One Hundred Talented People” of The Chinese Academy of Sciences. Based on the regional mineral resources of bismuth, barium and boron, we set up a new laboratory including the crystal growth and properties measurement. We have applied for 5 national invention patents and 1 US patent. By the implementation of the project, we have established an opto-electronic functional material research team of 15 people. Bismuth zinc borate crystal with sizes up to 20mm×10mm×8mm was obtained, which is a potential nonlinear optical material. The project is also supported by The National Natural Science Foundation of China, the West Light Foundation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Hi-Tech Research and Development Program of Xinjiang Autonomous region.

      Basal scientific research platform construction

      Scientific research platform: Xinjiang key laboratory of plant resources and natural products chemistry, Xinjiang fine chemical industry engineering technology center, Special thermal, pressure-sensitive components research platform.

      Technology platform: Large-scale instrumental analysis test center, radiation center, information center, the only Xinjiang drug screening technology platform in central Asia , the only products test platform of office suite in language of Uigur, Kazak and Khalkhas

      Science and technology supported platform

      One key Laboratory of the autonomous region level: Xinjiang key laboratory of plant resources and natural products chemistry

      Six scientific and technological innovation platforms: Opto-electronic functional materials R & D platform, Special thermal, pressure-sensitive components research platform, Uigur medicine activeness screening technology platform, Multilingual software testing platform, Radiation effect appraisal platform, Medicinal plant tissue culture and bio-breeding platform

      One incorporate research unit: Central Asia unique plant resources sustainable use Research center (in preparation)

      One Engineering Center of the autonomous region level: Xinjiang fine chemical industry engineering technology center

      Three Industrialization platforms for the transfer of technology: Xinjiang Bureau of sensing Co., Ltd, Xinjiang west-north star information technology company, XinJiang Snow-lotus New Technical Co. Ltd

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