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  • Xinjiang Plants Resource Chemistry key Laboratory
    Update time: 2008-07-08
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      In 2002, Xinjiang Plants Resource Chemistry key Laboratory was authorized as a municipal key laboratory, of which technological based institution is Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry (Chinese Academy of Sciences, People's Republic of China) by Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People’s Government.

      The laboratory engages itself in Xinjiang competitive resources transforming and exploiting the commonly used medical herbs in the uighurs iatrology in facets of the material basis, preparation technology, structure reform of natural products and edible plants resources in sustainable exploitation and utilization ways, which means it is also the only provincial key laboratory researching on the basis and application of characteristic of arid region plants in China.

      A plenty of knowledge has been accumulated in the fields of Xinjiang competitive resources exploiting, the uighurs medicine researching on the basis, biological activity screening and principles of action, meanwhile significant achievements in minority ethnic group medical science have been attained. Step by step, technology platform “separation and biological activity screening of material basis in the uighurs medicine” has been constructed and won a wide support from all sectors of the community, which also has built close partnerships with central Asia region neighboring countries and had profound influence in natural products chemistry research fields around international central Asian region and now has  grown to a leading contingent in the fields of researching and exploiting the uighurs medicine. The mainline of the lab is active compounds and application research of arid region edible plants, the key content of research is the material basis and biological activity of edible plants and the teamwork “active compounds and application research of arid region edible plants” constructed has always been exploring “resources-manufacture-speciality products” platform to improve edible plants high value-added utilization, revitalize and prosper economy in Xinjiang and to participate that society progresses.

      The subject of study in the lab is central Asian region competitive medical plants resources which is based on ethnomedicine, natural products chemistry and molecular biology using modern separation and screening technology platform so as to carry on the study on the uighurs medicine drug effect on the basis and principles of action and lay the foundation for modernization of the uighurs medicine and sustainable exploitation and utilization of edible plants resources. The object of the lab is to become a supreme laboratory which will arrive at a high level in innovative plant medicine of arid region, Chinese herbal medicine and ethnomedicine modernization and plants resource sustainable exploitation and utilization in central and western Asia.

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