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    Update time: 2008-09-10
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      In 1965, the Xinjiang Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) had invented a special thermistor, which was used in the first satellite (“No. 1 DongfangHong”) in China. For 40 years, the Material Physics and Chemistry Research Center has always committed in sensitive material and components, radiation effects of semiconductor device, etc. And it has made outstanding contributions for our national defense and space technology.

      The research center was founded on the basis of the research laboratories of special sensitive material and components, radiation effects of semiconductor device, which were belonged to the former Xinjiang Institute of Physics of CAS.

      The key research laboratories:

      Special sensitive material and components laboratoryspecial heat sensitive material and components used in extreme conditions; special quick response voltage sensitive material and componentsionizing radiation sensitive material and its applied technology.

      Radiation effects of Materials and devices laboratory: radiation effects of semiconductor material and device, and its mechanism of radiation damage, simulation, assessment; radiation dosimetry and radiation measurement technology.

      new energy materials laboratoryresearch and usage of renewable energy materials; research of high capacity, removable materials for energy storage.

      Organic and inorganic composite laboratorystructural and functional materials synthesized by special mineral resources and polymer; organic and inorganic nano-composites.

      New opto-electronic functional materials laboratorynew nonlinear optical materials (new frequency-doubling materials and new electro-optic materials), new piezoelectric materials, new ferroelectric crystal materials, and new magnetic materials and their device applications.

        Currently, our center has had good research platform for sensitive material and components, radiation effects of semiconductor device and new opto-electric functional materials and device applications. For 5 years, we have taken in hand more than 60 projects, including “National Science and Technology Research Project”, National “863”, “National Natural Science Foundation”, and other major projects applied by ACS, national ministry, commission, Aerospace Science and Technology and Xinjiang  province. Total funding is more than 40 million yuan. More than 200 pieces of papers were published, including 5 paperIF>4were indexed by SCI. Researchers in the center have applied for 33 national invention patents, and 24 patents have been authorized. The scientific and technological progress second prize in Xinjiang was obtained once; also other 12 will be applied.

        There are 43 professional staffs in material physics and chemistry center, including 1 scholar funded by the “Hundred of Talents” project of CAS, 4 advisors for Ph. D. candidates, 13 full professors, 13 associate professors and equivalent, and 11 guest professors.

      Now, our center has the right to confer Ph. D. degree in the fields of Micro-electronics and solid state electronics, and has right to confer Master’s degrees in the fields of Micro-electronics and solid state electronics, material physics and chemistry. The total enrollment of graduate students is over 66.

      Mailing address:

      Technical Institute of Physics & Chemistry

      Chinese Academy of Sciences

      40-1 Beijing Road

      Urumqi, Xinjiang 830011


      Tel: (86) 991-3225223

      Fax: (86)991-3838957

      Secretary: Lei Wang

      E-mail: wangl@ms.xjb.ac.cn

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