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  • The Uyghur-Kazakh-Kirgiz language YongZhong office software
    Update time: 2009-04-01
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      The Uyghur-Kazakh-Kirgiz language YongZhong office software is developed by The Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics & Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences. This software not only meets the needs of the Uyghur-Kazakh-Kirgiz language office software in China, but also sells very cheap and is easy to use. Until now, almost 10 thousand sets of the software have been sold, and 3 thousand sets have been donated towards governments in Xinjiang by the government stocking system.

      The Uyghur-Kazakh-Kirgiz language YongZhong office software has taken the region characteristics of Xinjiang and the exigent needs for information processing system of the minorities into account; it uses Uyghur language to design the interface and the help system, including the components such as character processing, electronic table and PowerPoint. The software not only fully supports the basic editing and typesetting characteristics of Uyghur-Kazakh-Kirgiz language such as writing from right to left, aligning to right and automatic choosing shape for character, but also increases the functions of cross-platform Uyghur language input methods such as changing line by syllable, automatic pulling character. At the same time, the software has solved the pivotal technical problems of Uyghur-Kazakh-Kirgiz language information processing, it solved 54 technical difficult problems such as compositor of character, choosing shape, display, pulling character, mixed editing, changing line, typesetting, multimedia and the warehouse of character.

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