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  • 7Cicer arietinum. L Project generalization
    Update time: 2009-07-22
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      XJIPC and Xinjiang Mulei Hazakh Autonomy County have come to estimate Cicer arietinum. L planting as the key project to carry out for disengaging poverty and getting rich in Mulei County according to the growth habit of Cicer arietinum. L and the special geographical environment in Mulei County.

      As a nation-level poverty-striken county, almost 1/3 peasants and herdsmen had always living a poor life below the standard circumstance of dressing warmly and earring one's fill. Cicer arietinum. L planting only accounted to a little more than 200 acreages at the beginning of the Project, and after just one year 9 series enriched food have been developed and manufactured and then sell in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other districts, which madeconspicuous society economic benefit.

      With the development of Cicer arietinum. Lindustry, the interest of planting Cicer arietinum. L has been sprung up. Until now there are already 70 thousand acreages planting base and the net income per acreage adds up to 200 Yuan, which means the benefit is about 1.5-2 times more than the other plants in arid strict. 7600 families indulge themselves in planting Cicer arietinum. L and the growth of net income per capita is about 250 Yuan, which makes the average growth of each peasant 2574.79 Yuan every year. The utilization of Cicer arietinum. L project has strengthened the ability of technology innovation in enterprise and enforced marketing competitive strength and meanwhile accelerated the scientific research achievements transformation, which opens up a path for adjusting industrial structure and increasing peasants’ income.

      Cicer arietinum. Lplanted in Mulei County has been authorized national organic food in 2006, which will further spur the development of Cicer arietinum. L industry.

      The planting and deep processing of Cicer arietinum. L have been thought high of as one key point of agriculture structure adjusting and the back bone industry fostered in Mulei County and the project as Xinjiang Xinghuo Project and one key item of Solidify Borderland and Enrich People Project assigned by National Development & Reform Committee. The project Research and develop on decreasing blood sugar production in Cicer arietinum. L cooperated with XJIPC is also approbatedby National Technology Ministry as Guiding Project for National Technology Tacking-Key-Problems and Momentous Project for Western Development Technology Actions.

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