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    Update time: 2009-10-21
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      Xinjiang Physiological Science Society was founded in 1982. It is affiliated to the Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry. CAS (XJIPC), and is led by Xinjiang Science and Technology Society. It is an academic organization of research people from universities, institutes, and medical units.

      The main tasks of the society: organizing academic exchanges and discussions with other societies home and abroad, popularizing the physiological knowledge, organizing the publishing of the technological periodicals, giving advice and evaluating the technological projects, providing academic and technical service, choosing and prizing the excellent dissertations, works and writings, recommending academic achievements and outstanding persons, reflecting the suggestions to the related departments, maintaining the legal rights and interests of the working people.

      The current director of the society is Haji Akber Aisa, the vice director of XJIPC.

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