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    Grafting Poly Chains on Glass Fibre Surface to ... (15-05-14)
    Two Mid-infrared Transparency Compounds Synthes... (15-05-11)
    Researchers Find New Photo-catalysis Mechanism ... (15-05-06)
    Adsorption of Hydroxide Ions at Oil/water Inter... (15-04-20)
    New Approach to Synthesize Graphene Quantum Dots (15-04-15)
    Metal-organic Frameworks Used in Nitrogen-doped... (15-03-19)
    Researchers Find Evidence of “New Hot Spots” ... (15-03-10)
    Transformation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarb... (14-09-30)
    Size Controllable Synthesis of Bi4Ti... (14-08-13)
    Temperature Dependent 2D Self-assembled Motif T... (14-07-11)
    CdS/ZnO Core/Shell Nanowire-Built Films for Enh... (14-06-24)
    A Sizable Single Crystal K3B6 (14-05-30)
    Perspectives of Carbon Nanotubes/Polymer Nanoco... (14-05-16)
    Spark Plasma Sintering of New High Temperature ... (14-05-04)
    Influence of the Na+ Substitution on Structural... (14-04-09)
    New Salt-Inclusion Borosilicate Halides as Pote... (14-03-25)
    Researchers Reveal the Mechanism of Electrical ... (14-03-20)
    Cs3Zn6B9O... (14-03-10)
    APTS and RGO Co-Functionalized Pyrenated Fluore... (13-12-30)
    Researchers Find a New Approach for Controllabl... (13-11-29)
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