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    Photochemistry Process of PAHs on Cation-modifi... (12-09-06)
    Synthesis and Characterization of Antioxidant-m... (12-09-03)
    The Oxidative Ayclnitroso Hetero-Diels-Alder Re... (12-08-24)
    An Efficient and Flexible Method for the Synthe... (12-08-23)
    Low Temperature Behaviour of Li3V (12-07-04)
    A New Noncentrosymmetric Polyborate Synthesized (12-07-03)
    Bismuth Oxychloride Prepared by Solid State Rea... (12-06-12)
    Effect of Lithium Boron Oxide Glass Coating on ... (12-04-17)
    Synthesis and Anti-influenza Evaluation of Rupe... (12-04-12)
    A New Type of Environmental Multi-functional Co... (12-03-27)
    Rapid Analysis of a Uighur Traditional Medicine... (12-02-27)
    Dipotassium Sodium Niobium Dioxide Tetrafluorid... (11-12-14)
    Growth, Thermal and Optical Properties of a Nov... (11-11-28)
    Project “Research and Development of NTC Therm... (11-08-22)
    K3B6O10Cl: A New Structure Analogous to Perovsk... (11-05-06)
    Medicine Preparation of Pomegranate Peels for t... (11-04-20)
    Uyghur-Mandarin Bilingual Speech Learning Assis... (11-03-28)
    The Project “R&D of Composite Energy Saving He... (11-03-24)
    “Study on Novel Nonlinear Optical Borate Cryst... (11-03-02)
    A congruently melting and deep UV nonlinear opt... (11-02-24)
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